MRP Global Relations, Incorporated, (MRP) a National Company, is proud to offer professional Coaching services for women. Based in New York, the company’s president & founder Michelle Renee Paige recognized a growing need for coaching services for women, especially those attached to high-profile men, to help these women  handle the stress and trauma that can result from being thrust into the public eye. The constant public scrutiny, violations of privacy and being cast negatively in the spotlight can have a demoralizing impact on women and their children.

Actually, the majority of Michelle’s clients are women who have already received some measure of success, but whom for various reasons, became stuck in life. Through her extensive social network, she met  women who had been relegated to the shadows of their high profile mates. Michelle noticed that many of them-- partners to CEO’s,  Celebrities, Politicians, Wall Street Brokers and Athletes-- had become personally stagnated, having to set aside their own life plans and dreams. In addition, some of these women and their children became the victims of unfair and biased media exposure.

As a former First Lady of New York State, ex-wife of a Governor and successful healthcare professional, Michelle understands the price many women pay in terms of being  in the public eye, whether it’s due to their own choices or having made personal sacrifices in support of their mate’s ambitions. Successfully navigating from a private-- to  a very public life-- and back again, Michelle formed MRP Global Relations to help other talented women regain their equilibrium and go on to achieve  personal life successes.

Having endured the spotlight herself, Michelle understands the critical need to maintain client trust and to ensure  her client’s confidentiality at all times.

Michelle Paige is Accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). She also holds a M.S. in Health Services Management and Policy.


​Office Phone: 973-267-2561

Coaching Women for Self Actualization